The Future of SEO is?


Predicting changes to SEO in 2021

This post came about after a discussion in a Facebook group when someone raised the question “What’s the future of SEO?” a debate ensued and I stated that “The future of SEO is the same as it always has been, delivering answers to satisfy the intent of the searcher.” This was questioned and I stated that algorithm-chasing is what has caused the myth that SEO is constantly changing and when asked to elaborate I wrote the reply below.

Algorithm chasing has caused all the mystery and nonsense because people are looking to rank by exploiting existing loopholes in the algorithm (which is fine to an extent), they then create a 3 legged horse where instead of being balanced their SEO is lopsided and vulnerable to changes in the algo i.e. loopholes plugged.


If people took in a holistic approach to SEO they’d see that the core requirement of the search engines never changes, that is to satisfy search intent.
If you satisfy search intent then you are 80% or more of the way there.

Google tells you what they want to see, “build great content that people will link to” once you can learn/fake the ‘people will link to’ part you’ve cracked it.

SEO really should not be about WHAT people search for (search terms AKA keywords) and more about WHY they search for them! (search intent), relevancy is as much about the process as it is the content.

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