Google releases Spreadsheets MicroOogleHoo

Well today Google is launching its latest in a long line of online real estate pages.. Oh sorry I mean do no evil useful web applications 🙂 Google Spreadsheets, you can request to become one of the first here . Personally I will not be using it, as I like the old software on my desktop thing. “Old Welsh guy You’re an old Fart” I hear you say, but in my defence I say I have a 6 3/4 year old, so can tell you that the Krusty Krab, is a diner not a dance (or a sexual disease) Bikini bottom is NOT a prn site, and Snails really do Meow . Yet knowing all this I STILL wonder why a company who have ‘a machine crisis’ would want to place so much more load on those full ole servers. Like Grandad Simpson, one day those teeth will fall out ” you’re no son of mine Homer” 😉

So we currently have Google moving into desktop applications, Microsoft moving into web applications with it’s  ‘Live ‘ series of stuff, and Yahoo doing deals with ebay to ward off Googlebase .

I just wonder if all these three might eventually combine to form the great big company, and, if this happens, will we all be woken by an electronic Cockerel that screams MicroOogleHoo .

its a funny old world we live in.

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