Get the Google Expert Working for You.

If you have a problem you want advice on then ask me, just drop me an email or complete the contact form, or even call me on 01639 710 132 Old Welsh guy IS The Google Expert As someone who has been around longer than Google, I know a fair bit, and have solved the […]

SEO 101 the basic first steps in a 2 minute read.

Thanks to a question asked on a Facebook group I have created this quick SEO 101 in a nutshell post. The key to success in Search engine optimisation (SEO) is to deliver to search engines and people content that fulfils their search intent (The reason they carried out a search) E.G. Someone searching for ‘mountain […]

Google fined 3.4 Bn Euros for illegal restriction of trade in the EU

Well it was always going to happen, the EU warned Google time after time and today the clock ran out and they have been fined a record amount for restrictions of trade.   The EU commission also slapped Google with a 90 day cease and desist notice or face further fines. They can’t say they […]

Google Not Indexing Newly Submitted Pages From Search Console

Much gnashing of teeth and hair pulling over the last week as people realised that Google the great god of internet traffic had deliberately slowed down their crawling (reviewing pages for inclusion in search results) and indexing (actually adding those pages to the search results index). Oddly enough, the group that are making the most […]