Google in the Dock Over Privacy Abuse

Oh dear. Looks like Google may have been a bad bad boy by hacking privacy settings on safari and internet explorer. What now for them as they face probably the most serious breach in their history?

Google Page Layout Factor Introduced Into the Algorithm

Announced a few hours ago on the Google inside Search Blog link to PDF was this little beauty of page layout analysis being part of the quality score within the ranking algorithm. What does this mean in reality? Many years ago back in 2004, Microsoft created an algorithm that scored links based on their location, […]

Related People and Pages on Google+

Just noticed this when I did a search for analytics.  Looks liek Google are rolling this out over the next couple of days     I can’t help thinking that Google are playing one heck of a high risk game with all these SERP changes. it really is getting more and more congested, and it […]

Google Chrome still #1

Just a rocket quick post to say that as of now Google are #1 again in the SERP’s . YES! They are of course #1 top for the term ‘browser’ via Google Adwords :p