Service is Service Wherever You Are

Yesterday I went shopping, while in Asda (Wallmart for you Murcans) I couldn’t find a product I was looking for, so I asked. The assistant was fine, she said ‘certainly sir follow me’. I was then led half the length of the store and taken to the exact spot where the range I was looking for was situated. She then proceeded to tell me they had threeproducts, and told me the pros and cons of each product, she asked me if I was allergic to a certain item, (I was) which left 2 options. I asked her if she had tried them, she said that she had, and that she preferred brand A. I picked them up and threw them in my basket a happy man.

 Now call me a sad man if you like, but it made me think about how online selling should reflect offline selling.

1. I needed assistance to find something, if I could not find it I would not have bought it. (bad navigation can cost a sale)

2. I requested help, and immediately found what I was looking for (a good search facility saved the day)

3. I was delivered to a selection of products (good grouping of your products in the catalogue)

4. I needed help to make my decision to buy (good copywriting information about the products)

5. I Asked for advice and was given it, even down to asking for a recommendation (cover every aspect of the product in your decription, think of any question that  might be asked, and answer it), with regard the recommend, customer comments and/or product reviews would acomplish this.

Here is a question though, and it is one that ANYONE selling online or offline should think about. WHY do I drive 12 miles to go to Asda Walmart having to physically drive past A tesco hypermarket, Tesco Extra supermarket, and a Morrisions supermarket?

I am loyal to the brand, their selection of goods is fantastic, their value for money is great, their range of products vast (although Tesco extra have a far superior range now). I STILL shop at Asda! The staff you see are great, they smile, are helpfull, knowledgable and friendly. The store is well laid out and they rarely move things around so you can’t find them. In short, it is my kind of shop!

Is your online store like this?

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