Google and Eric Schmidt Convicted in Google Suggest Libel Defamation Case

Following on from my  previous post about Google instant, we now have news about Google suggest and the case that was brought against them with regard defamatory suggestions.

The case revolves around an individual who had been convicted on appeal of corruption of a minor, however the guy found that google was suggesting ‘plaintiff name rapist’ and ‘plaintiffs name satanist’ as suggestions.

The guy managed somehow to get some solicitor to act for him, and won his case. So where does this leave Google (who have said they will appeal)? Well if they lose their appeal it could throw a total spanner in the works of their predictive search, because that is based on the very same technology.  Then again, if they are displaying web pages rather than term suggestions would the court find against them?

One thing is certain here, well two things really.

1. The world of search is moving faster than the laws of the land

2. People will sue (and win) for anything.

Google Convicted of Defamation Original ruling (French)

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