Google Buy Double Click

Yep, those pesky Googleites are at it again. Page & Brinn (why do I always think of a firm of casting agents when I hear that? . Those wild guys down at the plex had a rummage around in their old furniture and found the odd $3.1 billion lying around, so the bought Double click. and why not 🙂

WHY though do you think Google bought double click ? well the answer is simple, it is becauseThis is the one major area where Google lag behind Yahoo. DISPLAY ADVERTISING. Apparently Eric Schmidt has beeen considering buying double click for a “very VERY long time” could the fact that DC announced earlier this month that it was setting up an auction-based online exchange for buying and selling Internet ads?

 All in all the people who must TRULY be laughong are those who took it private for $1.1 billion less than 2 years ago . Happy days for them indeed.

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