Google Buy Socialgrapple, the Social Graph Company

This is really interesting as it shows clearly that Google are moving more and more into social signals for their algorithm.  For some time it was believed, then a short while ago Google announced that they use social as a signal, and this aquisition puts things beyond doubt. Google want their finger on the pulse of social, and what better way (other than buying Twitter of course). released this statement:-

I am excited to announce that the SocialGrapple team is joining Google.

SocialGrapple started a year ago, and launched only a couple of months later as a social graph analytics service. It was an amazing learning experience and I am incredibly grateful to all the users who supported this venture. Much of what was built over the months came directly from your needs and requests, so I feel like we were all on this journey together.

Since the first launch, we also explored keyword tracking and branched out to other social networks, but this was only scratching the surface. I’m looking forward to taking these ideas to the next level and revealing metrics on an incredibly larger scale.

Thank you again for being a part of my journey. I strive to continue building tools that make the world more transparent and empowered, and I can’t imagine a better partner than Google.


Social more important than ever then.

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