Google Own an SEO Company

Not much has been mentioned about the fact that when Google bought Double Click, they also bought their SEO company that came with it. Performics is the SEO arm of double click, and I have to say that I can not see how Google can retain ownership AND credibility within the business and online community.

Google have the motto ‘do no evil’ , but I fail to see how owning a search engine optimisation company when you are the biggest search engine in the world can possibly NOT be evil!

I firmly believe that it is a matter of time before somone with a bucket of cash takes some heavy legal action against the online monopoly that is the Google monster. Too many fingers in too many pies is the way many are seing it. What next are the whispers in the financial markets. Investors and fund managers will get the yips over the  volatility of the Gstock (OWG wonders if Google will buy the company that own the domain gstock next 😉 )

So what next for Google? the old ‘do no evil’ thing is wearing a little thing in the eyes of many now. ESPECIALLY given that Google themselves own a company that makes ITS money from optimising websites for the parent company. AND hot on the heels of the revelations that a senior Google board member is a founder member of one of the largest made for adsense networks on the planet…

Oh, did I not tell you about that one 😀

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