Yahoo announces Keyword Meta Data is No longer used.

Close on the heels of the Google announcement that the keywords meta dat is no longer used in the rankign algortithm, Yahoo! have come out and said pretty mucht he same. This is something us seasoned webmarketers have been saying for a long time, but despite this, there are ‘SEO’s ‘ out there who are still pedalling KW meta optimisation.

 The admission came at an Ask The Search Engines session at SMX East in New York this week. When asked about Support for the meta keywords tag, moderator Danny Sullivan stated that only Yahoo provided support of the tag, which prompted  Cris Pierry, (Senior Director of Search at Yahoo), to announce that support actually had been ended unannounced “several” months ago.

So there you have it the tag is dead, so move along please…. nothing to see here !

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