Adwords Advertising and Organic results.

Name:  Peter D

Site: Another anonymous unfortunately but it is a UK site

Question: I have been told that advertising with AdWords will affect your position in the normal listings, is this true?

Answer: Oh this old chestnut Peter. Well there are those who will swear blind that their rankings have suffered since starting Google AdWords, while there are those who will also swear blind that their rankings have improved Since their AdWords campaigns Started. The thing is though you see, that those who  swear blind they have suffered, decided to use AdWords because their rankings were already suffering. While those who swear blind they have benefited from AdWords involvement, have generally been promoting their site and the time factor has started to kick in.

 Organic web marketing is rarely an instant fix, and Back links etc take time to be factored in. So using Google AdWords as a boost is the logical thing. As your organic rankings start to improve, then your AdWords ad spend can be cut back for those words.

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