Get rid of the DMOZ description in Google NOW

At Long last Google have decided to give webmasters the option of not using the ODP titles and description. In a blog post at the official Google site-maps blog Vanessa Fox a Google engineer said:~

“One source we use to generate snippets is the Open Directory Project, or ODP. Some site owners want to be to able to request not using the ODP for generating snippets, and we’re happy to let you all know we’ve added support for this. All you have to do is add a meta tag to your pages.”

So if you want to kill the DMOZ title and description, then use the following:-

< meta content="NOODP" name="ROBOTS" />

Not all SE’s follow this though and if you want just Google to listen then use:-

< meta content="NOODP" name="GOOGLEBOT" /">

NB I have added a space after the <  (as it would not display (how dumb am I ) please remove this when using the tags  It will not be an instant fix, as it will have to be picked up and indexed by Google-bot, and added to the index, but at least now we can be masters of our own description and not held to ransom by the DMOZ description which can be altered without recourse.

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