Google Bot is Not Spidering my Site

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Question: Even though I’ve been writing articles on my blog (1 a week) the google bot doesn’t seem to be visiting very regularly to the point the the cache of my page is 3 weeks old now. 🙁 I’m either writing terrible content (probably!) or there’s a problem?Do you have any advice?



Old Welsh Guy Says:
Well Stu, great things come to those who wait, although like Diana Ross said ‘ I’m still waiting ‘.
Your blog is not very old, and from what I can see does not have many backlinks pointing to it. In a post on His Blog in March, Matt Cutts (senior Google Engineer) wrote:-

One of the classic crawling strategies that Google has used is the amount of PageRank on your pages. So just because your site has been around for a couple years (or that you submit a sitemap), that doesn’t mean that we’ll automatically crawl every page on your site. In general, getting good quality links would probably help us know to crawl your site more deeply. ——> snip —–> That’s what I would recommend looking at.

The above for me sums it up. In the words of Andrea True Connection That 70’s on hit wonder ‘More More More’ . The more in this case being incoming links 😀 You should look at submitting your blog to blogfeeds, add it so your signature on any forums you visit (although judging by the content on the site I dread to think what sort of forums you hang out in LOL. Submit the RSS feed, tell the world about your blog especially those who are interested in bad hosting companies, ipods, not having number plates on your car, and 3D maps of underground Britain. (and I thought I was messed up)! Odd Eclectic mix of things on that site by the way! You are either A man after my own heart or just plain nuts! (not salted) 😉   

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