Google release their ‘don’t count these links’ Tool

At long last, after months of promising, Google have finally released their ‘don’t count these links’ tool or to give it its proper terminology ‘Disavow tool’. So, is this what we all need?The answer is a resounding yes, but is it enough of a tool to help ease the pain of many webmasters hit by […]

Link Building Penguin Too Much, Too Fast, Too Often?

This topic came up on UKBusiness Forums, I started writing the post and realised it is a good blog post so here it is:-   Q: I have no idea what google means by too many, too much, too often etc. There is the problem! A: <crouches down and whispers> Shall I let you into […]

Google Set to Allow Us to Tell Them to Disregard Bad Links

HALLELUJHA at last there has been some logic in the ways of Google. Matt McGee recently covered an up close and personal session at SMX with Matt Cutts and blogged about it at search engine land. for me the biggest thing to come out of it is the following quote from Cutts. The story of […]

Google in the Dock Over Privacy Abuse

Oh dear. Looks like Google may have been a bad bad boy by hacking privacy settings on safari and internet explorer. What now for them as they face probably the most serious breach in their history?