I Need Better Rankings

Name: Hugh Site: http://www.key-stage.co.uk/ Question: What can I do to move up Google on searches like “school tours” or “school tour”? Old Welsh Guy Says: Hi Hugh (good Welsh name) Well Firstly, and odd as it may seem, are you sure that those are the phrases you need to rank for? Here are some search […]

Adwords Advertising and Organic results.

Name:  Peter D Site: Another anonymous unfortunately but it is a UK site Question: I have been told that advertising with AdWords will affect your position in the normal listings, is this true? Answer: Oh this old chestnut Peter. Well there are those who will swear blind that their rankings have suffered since starting Google […]

Google Bot is Not Spidering my Site

Site: user prefers to be hidden Question: Even though I’ve been writing articles on my blog (1 a week) the google bot doesn’t seem to be visiting very regularly to the point the the cache of my page is 3 weeks old now. 🙁 I’m either writing terrible content (probably!) or there’s a problem?Do you […]

Why Now? Why has Old Welsh Guy only now started a blog?

Well I kind of thought about it for a little while, even set one up on blogger, then left it. I like forums, I like to know that I am actually achieving something here. so blogging has really never appealed to me. All that will change now though as I force myself kicking and screaming […]