I Need Better Rankings

Name: Hugh

Site: http://www.key-stage.co.uk/

Question: What can I do to move up Google on searches like “school tours” or “school tour”?

Old Welsh Guy Says: Hi Hugh (good Welsh name) Well Firstly, and odd as it may seem, are you sure that those are the phrases you need to rank for? Here are some search stats

school trip 37.5 /day 
school trip europe 12.6 /day 
school trip abroad 12.2 /day 
event school trip visit 2.6 /day  
school trip and geography 1.7 /day  
school field trip 1.2 /day 
school residential trip 1.0 /day 
school trip organisers 0.8 /day  
school trip to france 0.7 /day 
coach company school trip 0.6 /day   
educational school trip 0.6 /day 
school trip to spain 0.6 /day  
school trip uk 0.5 /day 
school trip idea 0.5 /day 


school coach tour 11.6 /day 
school tour 11.0 /day 
battlefield tour for schools 5.7 /day 
school tour to europe 4.2 /day 
history tour for schools 2.4 /day 


Keyword research is the key to getting the most from your web marketing efforts, target the wrong words, and all your efforts will come to no more than a top ranking site for a phrase no one searches for. The Above show just how many different search phrases people are searching for. Ideally you should have pages set up on your site to cover these phrases.

‘Battlefield tour for schools’ is a prime example. returns 39000 pages in google Search results

Look closer though and NONE of the sites have the phrase in their page title In Title search

And only 93 site have the words in any order in their title In Title search non phrased

A search for how many pages have the phrase in links pointing to it shows zero.

This tells us that hardly anyone is optimising for this phrase, and that getting a decent ranking for it is a possibility, this should bring in approximately 6 visits a day for this phrase alone, that is some 180 per month.

It is plain to see then that the key elements to getting good rankings are

1. accurate page titles

2. good focused page content aimed at providing information to your visitors about a particular phrase.

3. Backlinks containing the phrase you are aiming for.

Oh and this is one area that you could come up against some hard competition. Because ‘schoolgirl trips’ might be a little difficult to optimise for 😉

One Response to “I Need Better Rankings”

  1. Thanks, Old Welsh Guy. Do you ever rest?

    Much to work on here – I’ll let you know when we’re on to page one of Google.