Why Now? Why has Old Welsh Guy only now started a blog?

Well I kind of thought about it for a little while, even set one up on blogger, then left it. I like forums, I like to know that I am actually achieving something here. so blogging has really never appealed to me. All that will change now though as I force myself kicking and screaming into the bloggospher  AAAARRGGGHHHHHHI decided to do this because of a comment made on a post at Digital Point Forums . The comment was made by Peter Hugo (who runs Freewarepub ) the post was made  here and really it made me think of the fact that while I post on many forums, there really is no central point for all things ‘Old Welsh Guy; 🙂

 So here it is, the new Old Welsh Guy blog that is really ‘answers by Old Welsh Guy! Ask away and I will answer at least one question about Web marketing and SEO daily.

10 Responses to “Why Now? Why has Old Welsh Guy only now started a blog?”

  1. Russ Davies

    About damn time to. You’re a dinosaur when it comes to blogging 😉 I am sure you will do well mate, and wish you all the best.

    I will have one or two questions for you in the coming week!

  2. Thanks for setting up this blog, my first question is this, I’m setting up a new website, and I want generate 500 unique (non-repeat) visitors per day. I’ve chosen my keywords, written up some content, with much more to come, and I believe the site will be popular but I don’t have a mailing list of prospective users. What steps should I take to announce my website and start the traffic flowing in, and how long should I reasonably wait until I get 500 visitors per day.

  3. Thanks for the comments, oops and sorry I deleted one in error. if your is not here feel free to repost it so I can maybe delete it again being the dork I am 😉

    Carl, I have your contact question, and as soon as you set that site up, then I will answer it. But the best way to get traffic is either to drive it via quality links from on topic or related visitor sites, or buy it via adwords.

    More later though

  4. Hi
    just read your post at dp  about updated content. i have just started my website so its not finish, still have a lot of work to do. My intentions was to change the index page every month or so, but after reading your reply at dp i am thinking otherwise.

  5. Glad I could be the guy that started the thread that inspired the post that inspired this blog 😀

  6. Hey OWG, I love what you’ve done with the place! I’ll be sure to submit a couple of my n00bish questions, best of luck with this project!

  7. Yes OWG,
    About time you started using one of the tools of modern webmastering 🙂
    UK WW

  8. This is good information. I do have a question about keywords…this could a dumb question…how do you know if keywords are working?…and how often should be adjusted to new keywords?Larry