Google Billboards, Online Offline advertising…..

How nuts is this then?

Not content with radio and print ads, Google is now having a go at (what to me was always the logical step) HYBRID advertising!

Google has filed a patent that will allow see them build kiosks and other such units to allow them to interactively  advertise LOCAL products and services.

You got 25 old pieces of equipment you need to sell? Then advertise them on the google board in the very mall you are in. THEN when they are all sold, you log into your account and stop the ads. Advertisers set the Cost per impression, the location (which mall to advertise in), the stock levels etc, and at the click of a mouse, can switch off the campaign.

Personally I am aghast that a company such as Google has taken this long to come up with something like this! There are those of us who have DREAMED of having the funding for stuff like this 😉

4 Responses to “Google Billboards, Online Offline advertising…..”

  1. Cool but as usual with Google, will it only be available in the US before eventually coming to the UK?

  2. Informative as ever James! As much as Google is a forward-thinking company, sometimes the basic elements are missed – you’ve highlighted it perfectly. I’ve linked to my pay-per-click tips page which I hope is of benefit to your readers.

  3. Old Welsh Guy

    Russ, I think as with everytyhing it will the US and then possibly if they fel like and we dance the right tune. The UK 😉

    nice simple information on that page. I like simple. ‘simple is as simple does’ as Gump said (maybe)