Google Converts Spammers

At LONG last, Google has worked out a drum that I have been banging for a long time now. You can NOT fiddle outbound links!

In his blog Matt Cutts has posted how a change to the algorithm has altered rankings and crawling dramatically, and how your outbound links can affect how your viewed. WELL HELLO GOOGLE! So you have finally woken up to start smelling the coffee 😉

 For a long time now I and a few others have posted across forums how it is nigh on impossible to spam out bound linking. ? How so OWG I hear you ask 🙂 . Well it is simple—-

 Just say you want to game the search engines by linking out, so off you go and you get some good copy written for your page, in your page you get some research done for the sites that are most relevant. It takes some time, but you figure ‘hey I WILL spam this algorithm, I WILL beat the search engine system’. Eventually your page is complete, you release it to the spiders in all its glory, decked out in quality focused content, with top quality out  bound links on it to what you consider to be the best resources on the page subject. HA! You Beat the search engines 😀

 Or did you?

In your attempt to spam the algorithm, you have in fact created a VERY valuable page in the grand scheme of the internet. Your copy is on topic, your extensive research has created one of the best resources online for that particular subject. As realisation dawns that in fact you have NOT ‘beaten’ the algorithm, in fact it has beaten YOU, you crawl away to sulk having put on your sad face that is normally reserved for sad Sunday!

But wait, HARK, what is that noise? It is the annoying bleep bleep of your mail programme telling you you have mail. YOU have MAIL? but your a spammer ? WHO would send a spammer mail? Curious you take a look. The mail all starts off with the same sort of words, such words are alien to you…….

Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks for the information I found on your site at www.

WHAT are these people talking about? I mean people don’t THANK ME! Are they nuts? This is a spam page designed to game the algorithm!!!

In time you get more mails, as those who sent you the original thank you emails thank you further by linking to your site so others can enjoy the site. This results in an ever increasing spiral of visitors emails, thank you’s and MORE people linking to you. WORSE than the fact they link to you is the fact that THEIR sites are relevant to yours, so they are sending more and more traffic.

But HA— YOU have the last laugh because these people that are coming to your site, buying stuff from the affiliate links you have on the subject, or clicking on the adverts you have on the site are DUMB, because they don’t realise they are being spammed, and they visit, come back and click again, many of them even link to the site they are so dumb. They just don’t realise they are being spammed.

As the cheques arrive, you sit back and laugh, thinking,  ‘how good is this on topic resource building spamming is!’ You drift off to sleep deep in the thought of how you can spend many hours creating your next high quality, top notch page to fool the search engines. 😀


The moral of this story is that it is almost impossible to spam outbound links. comments appreciated!

3 Responses to “Google Converts Spammers”

  1. I think this is an interesting information. I know linking is one of the important ranking efforts for a websites. I only take on two way links….thank you…Larry

  2. hello…does it effect a website ranking if keywords are changed after it starts to get ranking….Larry

  3. Old Welsh Guy

    HI Larry Any changes to your content will have some effect on your ranking. It might not move you up or down the rankings, but it will have an effect on your ranking score.

    Keyword research is the cornerstone of Web Marketing, and you should not really change the focus of the page unless it is not converting. Even then the changes should be made around the keywords, not to replace them.