Google Website Optimiser launched.

Google have today as reported by mediapost, launched in open Beta their website optimiser software, that is designed to help you convert your PPC traffic at the highest possible level by making it simple to test different landing pages, and deliver the one which converts best, thereby giving you more bang for the buck or punch for the pound, or yang for the Yen (oops I forgot, Google doesn’t do China right 😀 )

I am not going to bore you stupid with the details, but suffice to say that if you are running PPC, then you really should look at this. It is nothing new really, as decent SEO’s have been running these tests manually forever. Google have just made it easier.

Sign up for the Google Website Optimser

On a slightly different but related, google have taken YET ANOTHER step closer to sleeping with the enemy by launching a new partner program called Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultants. Optimost, EpikOne, Future Now, ROI Revolution, and, providers of conversion optimization services, are charter members of the group.

Now call me old fashioned, but I see this as another step to Google preparing to cut out all the smaller individual affiliate marketers and going for broke with running CPA themselves. I think Google will cut deals direct with the companies, and force advertisers who are now using Commissions Junction etc to deal with the Mighty Google (at greatly reduced profits no doubt)!

The writing is on the wall, and it reads to me like —–

Affiliate Marketers, make Hay now, for tomorrow it is gonna rain Google rain!

2 Responses to “Google Website Optimiser launched.”

  1. You bring up a good point about the whole ‘sleeping with the enemy issue’. But really, Google has behaved fairly ethical as a company as far as I know. Now, that can easily change in 5 or 10 years; but why not give them the benefit of the doubt until then?

    After all, online marketing is a pretty backwards industry in today’s world. Perhaps Google is just trying to find a few gems from the rest of the riff raff?

    Anyways, its just a thought. Google is a monster company, and I agree that they deserve being watched very very closely. Nice blog!

  2. Bagi Zoltán

    OWG, i see that this link: Sign up for the Google Website Optimser. is not the best. Maybe you want to correct it. But please delete my post after that.