Have a Heart – Sponsor a Right Nutter to Run.

If like me you are the sort of person who need a roundtooit, then please read on.

What is a roundtooit? I hear you ask. Well a roundtooit is in fact what we need to get things done. The wife asks you to do something, and the standard reply is ‘I’ll get a roundtooit! 😀

So now you can do some good and not exert yourselves, by throwing a £ or 2 into a sponsorship of a brave man who is going to do the Great North Run. Paul of Aardvark fame is going to run around in the cold for miles and miles to help lazy buggers like us who eat pie and chips and drink red wine. YES he is going to save us gluttons, those of us who have turned overindulgence and under-exertion into an Olympic sport.

Click this link and give the old bugger some money so he can give it to the British Heart Foundation, so they can give it to the hospitals etc, so that when we us lazy buggers are in the back of an ambulance being taken to hospital them there paramedics can have batteries in their heart restarting defiblirators.

I have given him a couple of quid, so stump up and help him, tell him OWG sent you LOL

2 Responses to “Have a Heart – Sponsor a Right Nutter to Run.”

  1. Thanks, OWG… problem is, I’m one of you gluttons, too. Last year was by far my worst Great North Run ever. It was a warm morning and I got cramp in one leg at around the 8-mile mark. I stopped briefly, tried to massage it out, and hobbled on for another half mile. Then it was the turn of the other leg – same problem. I took a bit of time out and just walked for a while. Eventually, when I felt ready, I resumed jogging. Another dozen paces on and both legs had frozen to the spot with cramp. I have never experienced anything quite like it, but they were absolutely rigid. I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other, I couldn’t bend down to try and massage them. I just leant against some railings and waited for the stiffness to subside.

    I’ve done a few marathons (London, New York and Seattle) and always managed to struggle on through in the face of adversity, but this was one of those times when I really wondered whether I just couldn’t make it to the finish.

    I eventually did get there by literally limping the last few miles. It’s all I could do. And the time was pretty awful. But I got there. 🙂

    This year it’s likely that I’ll be even less prepared. So please don’t give your readers the impression that I’m some super-fit guy… with two little ones to look after, I’m unlikely to squeeze much training in, but I will endeavour to at least finish once again!

    Thanks again for your support and for spreading the word…


  2. Hi OWG… did the run on Sunday and got round in 2 hours 00 minutes 07 seconds. It would have been nice to have got round in under 2 hours, but it wasn’t to be (and nor should it have been, I suppose, given the lack of training).

    Thanks again for your support. The total raised to date (all online) is £312.82.

    All the best,