How can I optimise my frames site? Frames? What is the point

Ok I have been away from blogging for a few weeks, too busy with work and with other stuff 🙁 But here is the thing. Why are people still asking ‘are frames any good for seo’? or ‘how can I optimise my frames site’? WHY BOTHER!

Once upon a time in a land far far away there was WYSIWYG software, and this stuff would build framed sites for you. The search engines couldn’t understand it, users hated it, no one could deep link to it, and users could not book mark anything but the first page. But all that has changed now hasn’t it! Hasn’t it?

 Well true spiders can spider frames sites better but still can not handle the URL’s properly, the rest has stayed the same. Technology has moved on now, and you can achieve the same effect with php etc includes or as library items in dream weaver, or as templates within Dream weaver. Front page also has these facilities.


There really is no need to use frames any more, so don’t!

2 Responses to “How can I optimise my frames site? Frames? What is the point”

  1. The problems with frames has been known for a long time as you say but what about IFRAME? There are some occasions where a frame is useful for the design and an IFRAME tag is the obvious solution, but how does Google and co handle this? Great blog btw.

  2. Old Welsh Guy

    What about Iframes indeed. The problem with Iframes is that although they can get spidered, they will not appear as part of the page. They will appear in the serps as orphan files with no link benefit in or out . So for this reason they are not really seo friendly.