Memories of Our Childhoods

I thought I would post this, as it was a question asked in Aardvark business forum that really warmed my heart. The question was simple, do you have any enduring memories from when we were children? Here are my thoughts. Please add yours in the comments if you like.

I remember once being sent to see the headmaster after I misbehaved. I remember taking the long walk with Total dread thinking about his harsh punishment that was totally in keeping with the Boys Grammar school. Only a week earlier, my best friend Dai ‘leg’ Davies had been sent to him for punishment, and Dai STILL could not sit down a week later…..

I remember thinking, as I knocked on the door to the headmasters office.

Please god don’t let him find ME attractive 😀 (joke of course)

One of my most enduring moments was being beaten when I misbehaved.

I remember one time going to bed with blood trickling out of my ear.

I remember making swings up the mountain with rope.

I remember making Dutch arrows, running through the ferns on the hillside behind where I lived.

I remember my first proper girlfriend, and the one I was certain i could not live a single day without (but some 30 odd years later appear to be able to 😀 )

I remember walking along a stream on a hot sunny day, sun blazing on my skin while the ice cold water cooled my feet,

I remember taking a drink of water from that stream while walking up the mountain, only to find a dead sheep in the same stream a few hundred yard higher up (it didn’t kill me)

I remember How green my valley looked then, even though it was black with coal dust from the collieries that surrounded me.

I remember seeing thousands of dead fish floating down the river killed by the same collieries that gave our communities life.

I remember playing rugby and football in the mud, kick the tin, hide and seek, and fox and hounds.

I remember kiss chase and wondering how come the good looking girls ran so fast, but thanking god that all girls look the same with my eyes closed 😉

I remember growing up painfully.

I remember going to a party and getting tipsy on vermouth and ending up locked in a bathroom all night with little Deb (who my best mate Tob later married) Sadly but nicely Deb and I talked all night. Later that year Punk was born and we all wore black bin liners and spat!

I remember Leaving home, and coming back to Wales, GOD how beautiful this land I live in is.

I remember our first boys holiday to Corfu. I remember dancing on the shoulders of my mate Dai Rees to Simple Minds ‘don’t you forget about me’ I remember a beautiful midnight Kiss on the beach in Corfu with a young Irish lady from Cork.

I remember growing up, the pain the heartache love gained love lost, money earned money spent, memories made, but never forgotten.

I remember these and much much more. 🙂

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  1. I remember living in coal camps..meaning coal company owned houses…my father was a 50 plus year coal miner. We lived in several different coal camps. I remember washing inside walls down with soap and water during the summer. I had a friend that helped me and we made pretty good money over the summers during this. It was hard work but it put some money in our pocket. We did this several summers. You see the houses used coal for heating and the coal would leave black film on the inside walls of the house and hard to remove or paint over. We offered a service that few wanted to do…it was hard work and people would asked us back year after year.