New Web Marketing Blog for the UK!

Back in work now, Christmas is over (i went to an Epiphany service today in church and the carols seemes SOOOO last year so it must be 😉 )

Work is here, 2006 has gone, 2007 is here, and to mark the occasion my good friend Matt has finally launched a blog (no doubt a new years resolution along with

1. lose weight

2. get the big promotion

3. reduce the credit card bills

4. have less sex!

OK I lied about reducing the credit card bills .

Anyhow Matt’s blog is now live and ready to roll. so please let me know if he stops posting so I can slap him around a bit on his Internet marketing forum where I moderate.

Is it any good? Well I moderate there so at least you can be sure that there will be plenty of off topic stuff going on.

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