PR ZERO but don’t worry

Many people have been running around screaming ‘woe is me, I am undone’ and ‘My poor family how will I live with the shame of telling them I have been PR Zeroed by Google?”

WHY is this Old Welsh Guy’ I hear you ask, and a damn fine question it is as well 🙂

For those of you who are wondering what on earth PR0 means, I ask you how on EARTH did you find your way hear LOL. The answer is that PR (PageRank) is the system Google uses for measuring the importance of a page (not to be confused with where the page ranks in a search, this is a different beast with over 150 elements combining to decide, with PR being one of them).

Anyhow back to the matter in hand. I have a rugby forum that has been PR zeroed. It still ranks top or close to the top for the phrase ‘rugby forum’ and traffic is as high as ever (in fact it has gone up).

 So to those worrying about how they will feed their families now they have lost their PR I say ‘Worry not my friends, for PR is nothing, and Google is currently Updating’.

I will tell you the story of the two Bulls.

Once upon a time there were two bulls. The bulls one day were at the top of hill when the young bull noticed the cows were coming into the field. “why don’t we run down there and make love to one of them cows” said the young bull. ”

“How about we WALK down, and have them all” said the Old bull 🙂

The moral is not to worry, it is a situation that is not harming rankings, so it is nothing to worry about (unless you sell PR based links of course in which case you should be forced to dress up as a cow and meet the two bulls in the story above)

3 Responses to “PR ZERO but don’t worry”

  1. Old Welsh Guy

    Hi Russell,
    No I am not saying that PR in itself is a load of old bull, just that ‘Toolbar PR’ is!

    There are at any point in time two sets of Pr available.

    1. Live PR. This is the page rank that Google use to calculate their value of importance of a page (importance not relevance, these are two different things, with the importance being part of the algorithm). This is updated on a constant basis up and down as pages are added and removed from the index.

    2. Toolbar PR. This is snapshoted by google at a point in time normally a few weeks previous to it being updatedon the toolbar (or ‘exported as Google themselves prefer to call it, as the update happens constantly above).

    SO the instant you see a new PR value in the silly green bar it is in fact out of date.

  2. Interesting article. In your opinion, what is the link between the page rank and the frequency of google boot’s visits? If I have a dynamic website, I wish to have indexed all my new pages as soon as possible.
    Thank you