SEO Tools Reviewed

Lately I am getting a lot of emails about SEO tools, bought, free online and offline. Questions range from “is this worth the money” to “will this get me to number 1 on Google”. This has brought me to the conclusion that I should add a product and services review on this blog, and also on my website!

The first product I will be reviewing will be Karon Thakstons Copy-writing Course To be honest I can’t wait to review this product (and another she has provided me with), as I have heard good things about it!

Here is the thing though, I intend to write no nonsense reviews of products, I am now asking anyone to let me know of any tools, websites, online or offline services like directory submissions etc, and I will review them here on the blog. If the tool is your own then please let me know as it will make life easier when I have to contact you to answer any potential questions I might have. Feel free though to propose other peoples products or services.

Hopefully we can build up a good resource for ourselves, and others.

 I would like to add that even though there are affiliate schemes with some of the products I will be reviewing, I will not be including affiliate links from the site, as I feel it might be seen to undermine my objectivity.

So either suggest here, email me, or use the contact form on this site.


3 Responses to “SEO Tools Reviewed”

  1. No nonsense – I hope that doesn’t mean no fun.
    Please sprinkle with a dose of your irreverent humour. 🙂

  2. Why should I read reviews written by a guy that claims to be old, bald and stupid? Wait a minute, I’m old, bald and stupid. Review away!