Google Chrome Operating System for Notebooks.

So here they go again, first it was search advertising, then it was printed, then it was billboards, then it was a browser, now they have made the logical step, and announced on the official google blog that they will be releasing an operating system to work hand in hand with Chrome browser, but aimed at notebooks.

To me this shows that Google are seriously attacking Microsoft etc at the next gen of online growth, the notebook.

So is this a good thing? A bad thing? or a nothing?

Time will tell, but personally I have no problem with it. I search using google, I mail using google I am happy to run a google operating system on a notebook that is not likely to have many apps on it.


One Response to “Google Chrome Operating System for Notebooks.”

  1. I’m guessing this will be an extension of the Andriod system currently available on a few phones.
    If so it will be very slick and will have a fair number of apps already.
    I guess it makes sense for Google and will be good for Microsoft too. How? because they’ll stop being targetted by governments for anti-competition practices. It will basically give them a free hand to bundle whatever they like with Windows and lock it down however they wish. They’ll always be able to point to Google Android and say they’re the competition!