Google Displays Search Volumes

FINALLY, Google has seen the light, and moved to displaying search volumes on its keyword Research Tool.

Gone are the days of guessing, now it is easy to know exactly what you are bidding on and this applies to Organic traffic as well!

Well done Google

3 Responses to “Google Displays Search Volumes”

  1. Thats great- now its really clear to see what phrases are the most popular. It would be nice if we could sort by the search volumes.

  2. Old Welsh Guy

    Yes, this is a major league step towards being able to build campaigns for both organic and PPC that are built on stone. Of course some skewing occurs due to self searching etc, but by and large we can now project using known formulae, what sort of traffic (and earnings) a site has.

  3. Thanks for this info, this will make a great difference to my every day life 🙂

    Also you can sort by search volumes click on the “Approx Search Volume: June” to re-order the results