Google goings on.

Lots of things going on with Google at the moment.

1. Google earth street view has launched in the UK. 

2. Google mail ( went down again for the second time this month

3. Google keyword tool went nuts, showing all sorts of results due to a ‘glitch’

4. I have seen more instances of Google confusing dropping index pages.

So onto the detail

 1. Street View at Google Earth. What is google earth Old Welsh Guy I hear cries of. I also here cries of ‘what is Google Earth, have they bought THAT as well?’

Google Earth Is a great application that Goog produced that allows you to fly around the world by satellite image. Street view is what it says on the tin, the Mail says it better than I.  Privacy fears abound though with shouts going up such as ‘that is NOT my car parked outside that ladies house at 6am, it is just an identical car with the number plate blurred, I was working a night shift. Time will tell again on this one.

2. Gmail going down again  WHAT A BUMMER so many people rely on GMail as primary email, while many others use it as an alternative. We are so used to Google being there, that when this sort of thing happens it is big news.

3. Google keyword tool. This delivered all sorts of results earlier this week, it was showing synonyms mixed in, it was showing broad matches on everything, in short pretty meaningless data. Is this being overused? Will Google cut back on its use? Is the hamster tiring on his little wheel?

4. Google dropping index pages. This is an odd one, and something I am hearing more and more on forums and by email. I can’t really post links etc as it ain’t ideal for those affected, but this is the story. On sites that have been previously bobbing along merrily, google just drops the index page. I haven’t seen a pattern, I would expect to see a pattern with it, but no. Some pages appear close to duplicate, some report there were server errors previously but that Google had been back spidering since.  Some report nothing in Google Webmaster Tools while others report nothing.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who has experienced this.

So here we are Friday again, final day of the RBS (not sure if this stands for Royal bank of Scotland or Really Bankrupt Scroungers) Six Nations Rugby Tournament. Two teams can win the championship, Wales & Ireland. They play tomorrow at 5:30pm, and all eyes will be on Cardiff to see who arises victorious. a win and Wales win the triple Crown having beaten all other teams in the UK, we will have stopped Ireland from winning a grand slam, a triple crown, and the championship. A win by 13 points and Wales will take the championship also (no pressure then).

A loss for Wales, and there will be 3 million clinically depressed Welsh folk in Wales, and a sudden rise in Prozac sales.

4 Responses to “Google goings on.”

  1. Old Welsh Guy

    My prozac was in the post but they lost it.

    Ah well, at least now it is Done, ireland have their second slam, in the entire history of the tournament 1948 & 2009. we have had 2 in the last 4 years!

  2. Hi OWG – we have seen #4 on one of our long standing clients – this seems to tie in with a glitch with webmaster tools showing network unreachable / robots.txt unreachable. It’s since come back though in the rankings but slightly lower. PM me if you want more info on what we did to resolve it.