Google Hits Double Figures!

Hard to believe isn’t it!

Google as of this moment is now 10 years old! So how did they go from being a computer in a Lego block, to the worlds favourite Search Engine?

In a word? Relevancy.. And here are another couple of words that made google famous.  Viral marketing. Google took over purely due to the word of mouth generated by the web marketing industry.

For me though their greatest achievement is convincing people they are a search company, when in fact they are just one big advertising company 😉

5 Responses to “Google Hits Double Figures!”

  1. Old Welsh Guy

    Thanks Russell,

    I have been trying to keep this quiet… NOT

    Yes for anyone who I haven’t told, I was On the BBC news Google is 10 years old Celebrations last week. They interviewed me as they wanted the opinions of the UK’s top Google expert. I guess he/she wasn’t available as BBC London got me instead. 🙂

  2. milo jones

    You are spot on, google is the world’s biggest marketing company in disguise! You have to give it to them, they are bloody good at it too!

  3. Old Welsh Guy

    Indee they are, they have duped the world into thinking they are a couple of students made good as well.

  4. I agree too, but as you quite rightly say google exploded through word of mouth / viral markin. word of mouth will always be the best form of marketing in my opinnion, its ho most things boom. Remember the million dollar pixel? lol

    Congrats to google though, I was meerly 10 years old when it was born, and i was te first kid on y road with the internet! Its scary how much has changed!

    I wonder how seo as a whole will change over the next ten years maybe google will really smart, maybe search will be user controlled without the use of spyware! who knows!

    Great post,i’ve been a keen follower of you OWG for quite some time now and this is my first post.