Google Roll the Dice and Stumble Upon a Winner Maybe?

Odd isn’t it how within a day or two of losing the battle to Ebay to buy stumbleupon (or not as the case may be ) Google roll the dice with their new ‘no search phrase search results’ called Google dice.

It works rather simply, in as much as they base it on your search history run through an algorithm to serve up 50 pages they thing will interest you.

Have Google stumbledupon a winner, or are they simply likey to suffer from chasing too many rabbits syndrome?

2 Responses to “Google Roll the Dice and Stumble Upon a Winner Maybe?”

  1. What is the point of another useless function on the Google toolbar? Are they saying that web users are so boring that they can’t even think of a search phrase to use themselves?
    It will go along the mood ring button for me, interesting for a nano-moment but then totally useless forever more.
    Why don’t Google spend a bit more time developing systems that deliver search results that don’t include directories and listing sites and actually product good quality search results?

  2. Old Welsh Guy

    Indeed Russell! Improving the algo and spam detection would certainly be my chosen route. Google also recently lost some people from companies they bought up. Ity appears all is not well at the plex, with the little start up buy out dudes jumping ship when Google refuses to dedicate resources to them 🙁