Google say Shop a Spammer

Ok So now Google are asking all the ‘kind people’ of the internet to shop a site that is selling paid links. Apparently, according to Matt Cuts  Google have decided that it is wrong to sell links (i wish to state that I do not sell links), but if I DID it is my lookout. It is NOT the selling of links that is bad per se, it is the…..MOTIVATION behind the link selling that makes it wrong IMO. let me tell you why. It is ALL about the Silly Green Bar (SGB)

I am wetting myself at the irony of it all 🙂

1. Google build an algorithm based on back-links

2. Google sell advertising links based on the success of their algorithm

3. Google create a forward facing value of a website (which is used to place a value on the buying and selling of links)

4. Google complain about people selling links.

Is it just me or is the answer BLINDINGLY SIMPLE?

Remove the client facing page rank value and the link selling market based on link value goes away.

Google should really wake up and smell the coffee here. People are NOT building link farms, they are building PAGE RANK farms! Google need to look at cause and effect, and also the motivation behind the link selling. Sorry Google but it is YOUR fault that people are able to base the value of a link in DIRECT relation to the value of Pr shown on the SGB. ALL of these spammy link farms are there to grow PR, they are as I said previously Page Rank farms.

Remove the Yardstick of the SGB, and most of it goes away, and we can get back to linking for relevance. When we DO get back to linking for relevance, then paid or free will NOT be an issue as the links will be on topic and good for the human visitor!

Of course Google will NOT get rid of the SGB as it is a major reason for having the Google toolbar on millions of machines that are feeding information back to the google monster!

On that note I am off to report every single site carrying AdSense, Miva, yahoo etc ads as they are paid links after all.

Aren’t they? 😉

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