Panda Algorithm hits Uk and other English Language Google users

Google announced today on the Google Blog that they have rolled out the infamous Panda / Farmer update to all English Language users. On top of this they have included the new feedback signal to ‘help people find better search results’. Google believe that their tests show that user feedback is trustworthy enough to reply on for ranking purposes, not only on your own Search, but the results others see, in short, overnight Google has pretty much changed its algorithm into a user controlled algo. Or to put it another way, spammers heaven.

So what happens if your baby gets thrown out with the bathwater? Fear not because Google say If you believe your site is high-quality and has been impacted by this change, we encourage you to evaluate the different aspects of your site extensively

So what will they do if an innocent site owner loses their business because of some poorly written algorithm that decided because the person who scraped his content has also spammed for links, the copy site is the one true originator? fear not because… Well actually fear a LOT because they go on to say

While we aren’t making any manual exceptions, we will consider this feedback as we continue to refine our algorithms.

So there you go, your business will just have been flushed down the pan, but don’t worry because you will have helped to refine the algorithm.

Oh and there is always Google Adwords 😉

One Response to “Panda Algorithm hits Uk and other English Language Google users”

  1. Go and check out the forums, you wont see any real businesses affected, its mostly MFA spam.