Penguin 2.0 Rolled out by Google

According to Matt Cutts the long awaited and feared Penguin 2.0 update has been released by Google, how have you fared?

Penguin2.0 is full on update rather than a tweak, and Google have stated that 2.3% of english language sites will be affected, which is a huge number by anyones standards.

In recent times Cutts has stated that they are going upstream in this update, that they are targeting spam more heavily, and that this update will rock a few boats, the video below explains this

Time will tell.

3 Responses to “Penguin 2.0 Rolled out by Google”

  1. Hi I think weve taken quite a hit this time but it may bounce back as it did last time.
    Thing is , when i run a health check on my site and other sites, mine shows as way healthier and relivant, and companies with “poor” results still rank page 1, less descriptive and less healthier according to the reports ive run.
    Very confusing to me.
    So how come the other companies with nowhere near the content on the product, if any? rank high on page 1?

    Kind Regards

  2. I am seeing more irrelavent results than ever via google. Wikipedia seems to be on the up again.
    Iv also noticed that stagnant sites rarely updated are also ranking well again.
    I think google would be better off scrapping the current algorithm and starting again a few years back before they got themselves in a knot.

  3. I am not convinced at all with Google at the moment. they seem to have lost their way on many tings. What was once a fantastic concept and company has become an evil coproration that tramples over individual businesses and laws of countries with impunity.