Psst! Do You Want a Google insight?

Google today launch another great tool for advertisers which will benefit the SEO and Web Marketing community. Google insights for Search is a system that allows you to research search on a geospatial and chronological basis.

The system can provide heat maps on a geospatial basis that will help you to identify who in the world is searching for what and better still WHEN! For an advertiser of seasonal products, this insight is a Godsend.

The other great feature is the ability to compare search terms. so American spellings against English UK versions will tell you what phrase to target and where. Also synonyms etc can be compared.

Pro marketers have been keeping seasonal records for a while now, but this makes life so much easier.

Maybe now some business people will realise Christmas planning doesn’t start in October!

4 Responses to “Psst! Do You Want a Google insight?”

  1. Coast Digital have run some research into the accuracy of the Google insight data. We have run some Google insight data against our Google adwords data and found the results to be very accurate.

    The major thing you need to figure out is the factor applied to the search results. Our results are published on the Coast Digital blog.

  2. Old Welsh Guy

    Hi CD,

    yep I agree with that statement about the accuracy. I posted on a couple of forums that I found it to be upwards of 90% accurate agains the large volumes of PPC data I had available.

  3. Hey OWG, I think google are trying to copy MY idea – What’s With Birmingham? – i started this idea a couple of years ago but have rehashed it a few times since – i wonder how we can tell exactly who within Google claims to have “invented” this tool 😉