Underscores v Hyphen (_=-) Say google

Well hallellujia praise the Lord, Google have at long last corrected this ridiculous situation. Now _=- or to put it another way _&- are = .

According to Matt Cutts you can read more here at Cnet News

6 Responses to “Underscores v Hyphen (_=-) Say google”

  1. “When asked about how to get one’s blog into Google News, Matt shared one of Google’s requirements for inclusion: the blog must have multiple authors. So those of you wanting your blog showing up in Google News results, I hope it’s a group blog!”

    So you’ll be looking for a few writers for the OWG blog!

  2. Old Welsh Guy

    The significance is that all those people who have used the underscore instead of the hyphen as a separator will now get benefit of two word anchor text in their links 🙂