Google to Provide SEO Services

So Google have finally thrown away any sense of fair play they might have kept, and are now looking to allow people to pay them for top natural listings! It is a sad day for consumer rights, as those with the deepest pockets, look set to buy the top spots without the average guy on the street knowing.

Comment Spam, the PITA of Web2.0 But Can it Get You Penalised?

Anyone who has been around the web for a while will have seen the rise in Web2.0 style sites with user generated content. This concept is a superb arrangement for all parties as the site owner gets free content, and the writer gets a platform to air their views. Everything in the garden is rosy, […]

Ich bin ein √úbersetzer – I am a Translator says Google

So there you have it, I am not a hamburger, I am a high quality translator! Or at least Google is now. Announced on their blog is a new high speed ‘translate as you type service, along with some other changes to the google translate service. The service actually had 3 services introduced (more in […]