Old News from Google

Google has come up with a great (in my opinion) service that is placing archived newspapers online and available. Google has teamed up with over 100 news sources around the world to improve on its existing agreement with the New York Times and the Washington post. The service is Google Archive Search and old news […]

Google Hits Double Figures!

Hard to believe isn’t it! Google as of this moment is now 10 years old! So how did they go from being a computer in a Lego block, to the worlds favourite Search Engine? In a word? Relevancy.. And here are another couple of words that made google famous.  Viral marketing. Google took over purely […]

Psst! Do You Want a Google insight?

Google today launch another great tool for advertisers which will benefit the SEO and Web Marketing community. Google insights for Search is a system that allows you to research search on a geospatial and chronological basis. The system can provide heat maps on a geospatial basis that will help you to identify who in the world is […]

Why is Google Adwords PPC Costing So much?

This is the question that is asked time after time in forums across the world. Unfortunately it is a case of ‘when all else fails, read the user manual’. An old adage sure, but it is true. It is amazing how many people throw words into a list, write an advert, and set it running. […]