Google Roll the Dice and Stumble Upon a Winner Maybe?

Odd isn’t it how within a day or two of losing the battle to Ebay to buy stumbleupon (or not as the case may be ) Google roll the dice with their new ‘no search phrase search results’ called Google dice. It works rather simply, in as much as they base it on your search history run through an […]

Google say Shop a Spammer

Ok So now Google are asking all the ‘kind people’ of the internet to shop a site that is selling paid links. Apparently, according to Matt Cuts  Google have decided that it is wrong to sell links (i wish to state that I do not sell links), but if I DID it is my lookout. It […]

Google Sign a Deal with Clear for Radio ads

Google Move further into offline advertising with a deal for an undisclosed amount with Clear Channel Communications, the largest radio advertising company in the US. (reported by the New York Times today) Now we all know that google are pushing further and further into areas that are seen as …

Google Buy Double Click

Yep, those pesky Googleites are at it again. Page & Brinn (why do I always think of a firm of casting agents when I hear that? . Those wild guys down at the plex had a rummage around in their old furniture and found the odd $3.1 billion lying around, so the bought Double click. […]

Google expand their Data Storage home.

Google are fighting back at their data storage problems by building a new $600M extension to their Data Centre in Berkeley County, according to data-centre knowledge . Google has for a long time suffered from storage problems, in fact Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) voiced this last here when he actually used the phrase “those machines […]