Is Page Rank Important

Recently there has been a pagerank (PR) update in the Google index. so, I thought now would be a good time to blog about PR and its importance. OK firstly what does this PR update actually mean, and will it have an effect on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)? Well what it means is […]

Google and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Is Google raising the LSI element in the algo? I have thought for a while now that Google is using some sort of semantic element in their algorithm, but now I think it has been increased. LSI will totally turn on its head the importance of on topic linking, and a lot of the sites […]

New Directory Accepting Deep Links

WHY? Why do so many directories only allow the submission of your homepage? How can a site that covers multiple topics have the home page as its most relevant page for all of them? It cant. So we have launched a new deep-link only directory called submit your deep link most relevant pages to […]

What is King Content or Links ?

This is the argument that many have been making for a few years now. But while all this debate has been going on, those who knew who the real king is sat, smiled, and got on with earning money. Those who knew and understood what it is all about just kept doing it, and watching […]

Asking Open Questions – Six Honest Men To Help You Sell and Close Deals

I was over at Small Business¬†Ideas Forum where I moderate, and¬†someone brought up cold calling on the telephone. Now cold calling is something I loved, as I did a LOT of it way back in my sales and advertising early days. I have also helped clients with their cold calling setup, so this was right […]