Google Makes significant UK bias shift

I received a telephone call today from an overjoyed client who was telling me that all the hard work had paid off and his site was number 1 for the money phrase. I checked, and indeed on on a worldwide search, their site is number one! Happy days. Simply accepting it is not good […]

Have a Heart – Sponsor a Right Nutter to Run.

If like me you are the sort of person who need a roundtooit, then please read on. What is a roundtooit? I hear you ask. Well a roundtooit is in fact what we need to get things done. The wife asks you to do something, and the standard reply is ‘I’ll get a roundtooit! šŸ˜€ […]

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Part3

Well I was going toĀ  answer some questions today, but due to the many emails I received, I am continuing with another section of the basic guide to SEO. I am now glad that I set up this blog, as had I not, then I doubt this article (well it is an ebook really) would […]

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Part2

In part 2 we follow on with the basics of design as part of optimising your site. In Part 1 we ended with the following list and explanation:- Look Feel Speed Navigation Focus Although the above are really design considerations,Ā  design is one of the keys to good rankings and having a successful website. With […]

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Part1

First off let me say that noĀ Search Engine Optimisation company canĀ guarantee you top rankings in organic search results (SERPS). As such please donā€™t think that this is a blue print for SEO top rankings, it isnā€™t, what it IS, is a paper to help you understand the methodology that will set you on the road […]