Beating the Content Thieves – stolen website content

You toil over a hot keyboard fry your brain to get the words ‘just right’ and announce your writings to the world. Only to find that within a short period of time someone has stolen your hard work! What can you do about it? Firstly I have to say that the instant you create anything, […]

How can I optimise my frames site? Frames? What is the point

Ok I have been away from blogging for a few weeks, too busy with work and with other stuff 🙁 But here is the thing. Why are people still asking ‘are frames any good for seo’? or ‘how can I optimise my frames site’? WHY BOTHER! Once upon a time in a land far far […]

How to cut down your offline advertising spend

A question over at Small Business Brief made me think how good it would be to share the information I have gleaned on how to cut your advertising spend. I think it was John Wanamaker that said “Half of my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half”, well the technology of the web […]

Google getting 10 times more search than nearest rival in the UK

According to stats released over the last few days, Google has STORMED ahead in its share of the UK market. If searching in the US is known as googling, then in the UK search IS Google. Google is now BY FAR the biggest, in fact TEN TIMES BIGGER than its closest rivals in terms of […]

Get rid of the DMOZ description in Google NOW

At Long last Google have decided to give webmasters the option of not using the ODP titles and description. In a blog post at the official Google site-maps blog Vanessa Fox a Google engineer said:~ “One source we use to generate snippets is the Open Directory Project, or ODP. Some site owners want to be to […]