Google Website Optimiser launched.

Google have today as reported by mediapost, launched in open Beta their website optimiser software, that is designed to help you convert your PPC traffic at the highest possible level by making it simple to test different landing pages, and deliver the one which converts best, thereby giving you more bang for the buck or […]

UK Adsense Alternative Announced.

At long LONG last, an alternative to Google AdSense has been released for publishers in the UK by Miva. While US publishers have had the Yahoo Publishers Network available for some time, we in the UK have had nothing, nil, Nada, zip, zilch. NOW that has all changed thanks to.

Adsense ads by ‘G’

I noticed this just yesterday. Where we normally get the ‘ads by Google’ text it was not there, it had besn replaced by ‘Ads by G’ the ‘G’ being a graphic ? OK it is not landmark stuff, but I am curious to see if anyone else noticed this? and, more importantly WHY? Are google […]

Google Blocks Supplemental Pages from the SERP’s

Well it appears as if all the ‘don’t worry about your pages being in the Supplemental index, it will not hurt them’ message that google has been sending out, no longer applies. Try this test for yourself

Google and the missing L

OK much has been made of Google messing up their valentines logo  Lots of people are saying the green stalk is the L etc, .   Well it saddens me to see that you lot are  so bitter twisted and cold hearted that you don’t pick up on pet name. Snookey bear, choochey, cuddle bum. […]