Google and their Un-Natural linking algorithm.

So Google are trying to weed out the un natural links, paid links call it what you like. What Google are doing now is flying in the face of traditional marketing, and the BIG agencies will slap them down for it (in the Uk anyhow). WHY does a guy sit in a bath of beans? […]

Underscores v Hyphen (_=-) Say google

Well hallellujia praise the Lord, Google have at long last corrected this ridiculous situation. Now _=- or to put it another way _&- are = . According to Matt Cutts you can read more here at Cnet News

What is Professional SEO?

This is a common question, and one that is asked across forums day and night. My reply would be that SEO is personal to everyone as there is no real carved in stone definition of it, with even the wiki definition of SEO being an opinion.  I would say that the key is in the […]

Multi Language Optimisation

Recently I have been getting a lot of emails asking about the merits of so called multilanguage optimisation. These are normally from so called ‘SEO’s’ who offer this service for anything from $200-500 per language. Is it worth it OWG I get asked. Well the answer is NO… and YES 🙂 Is it worth having […]

Google Own an SEO Company

Not much has been mentioned about the fact that when Google bought Double Click, they also bought their SEO company that came with it. Performics is the SEO arm of double click, and I have to say that I can not see how Google can retain ownership AND credibility within the business and online community. Google […]