Google and their Un-Natural linking algorithm.

So Google are trying to weed out the un natural links, paid links call it what you like. What Google are doing now is flying in the face of traditional marketing, and the BIG agencies will slap them down for it (in the Uk anyhow).

WHY does a guy sit in a bath of beans? WHY does someone run the london Marathon in a suit of armour? PUBLICITY that is why. and WHAT is publicity translated into in Web terms? LINK BAIT plain and simple. The traditional marketers from the offline world (Like myself) have promoted link baiting constantly from day 1.  NOW Google think it is wrong

On the one hand they say create content worth linking to. On the other hand they now say, dont try to attract links by link baiting and false linking methods.

So I get 5000 backlinks because I write something that goes viral, and that is ok? but I buy 5000 backlinks and that is wrong. Google can’t tell the difference so assume that it MUST be crap linking.

Tis a sad day for web marketing when this happens.

2 Responses to “Google and their Un-Natural linking algorithm.”

  1. Firstly, let me say that from reading your posts on sitepoint, you’re probably one of the most knowledgeable people in online marketing, although I must say I do disagree with online publicity equaling link bait.

    I think publicity in the online sense should be in the forms of virals and articles. Most people that use google wouldn’t like to think that the results they see could be affected by a higher spend on the part of one website over a more relevant match.

    I have used paid links and hope that Google doesn’t penalize my site for doing so, but Google has to position itself in the eyes of it’s users as an impartial source of information.

    I’m not certain how they will determine what a paid link is and what a natural link is though. This could infact all be rhetoric to simply make it look like are keeping search results genuine and relevant- I guess we’ll wait and see.

    Keep up the good blogging…


  2. Old Welsh Guy

    Thanks Timmy, compliments get you everywhere LOL.

    It is a fine line between link bait for the sake of it, and clever marketing that goes viral.

    Like you say though, it could all be a smoke screen from the mighty Google.