Adsense ads by ‘G’

I noticed this just yesterday. Where we normally get the ‘ads by Google’ text it was not there, it had besn replaced by ‘Ads by G’ the ‘G’ being a graphic ? OK it is not landmark stuff, but I am curious to see if anyone else noticed this? and, more importantly WHY?

Are google going to re-brand from our colourful Google banners to a simple ‘G’? Well Yahoo! Have, their brand is Yahoo! and Y! (both with the exclamation mark).

 Ah well, my life is so full 🙂  

One Response to “Adsense ads by ‘G’”

  1. It’s an already old thing, I noticed it on my website some time ago. It is not a nice thing, it does not blend well. Google makes different variations to their ads, such as italic, single large ad, etc…