Google Blocks Supplemental Pages from the SERP’s

Well it appears as if all the ‘don’t worry about your pages being in the Supplemental index, it will not hurt them’ message that google has been sending out, no longer applies.

Try this test for yourselfCarry out a site search, and find a page in the supplemental index (they are clearly marked in green text as supplemental). Now visit that page, and grab a chunk of text.

Take that chunk of text and do a phrased search for it in Google ” your text” I will bet you that the page does not show up. So the reality now is that if your pages are supplemental, then they just as well not exist as far as google is concerned.

This now puts a whole new complex on how people look at Google. Why plough £££ or $$$ into Adwords when they will not accept into their index pages that they feel are not of a good enough quality, YET they are happy to send visitors to them if you pay!

Time for those with Suplemental pages to start looking at alternative PPC providers I would say. EITHER your pages should be good enough for Google to send people to or they should not.

8 Responses to “Google Blocks Supplemental Pages from the SERP’s”

  1. Old Welsh Guy

    But the pages on this blog that are supplemental are the RSS feeds, which Google has pickd up and really should not be in the index anyhow

  2. Was there more to this post by SEO NZ? I haven’t been able to view it if there was.

    Bit unnecessary from what I can read – not unlike this comment..

    Back on topic – I would recommend other PPC providers to my clients, if they buck their ideas up and make it less of a pain to manage them. Many would need to raise their volumes as well to justify the effort/time.

    This brings up the point that someone could do well out of a reasonably priced cross-platform PPC tool – no one likes to waste time logging into multiple providers (or collating reports from them). Then i’d be happy to run campaigns with any old provider if I don’t have to login and deal with their interface!

    From what I know, most of the main providers are charging an unjustifiable amount – percentage of spend? for doing nothing? where’s the free market competition? When the tools improve we can (start to) reduce our contribution to the growth of the beast.

  3. Actually, i just downloaded a SEO for FireFox an addon for FireFox, which gives some SEO statistics for web sites you get as results within a search. Regarding this tool, this is what it shows for this blog

    #1 | PR: 4 | Google Cache Date: May 7 2007 | Age: 04-2006 | 2 | Y! Links: 10,100 | Y! .edu Links: 0 | Y! .gov Links: 0 | Y! Page Links: 9,770 | Y! .edu Page Links: 0 | Technorati: – | Alexa: 434 | Cached: 126 | Supplemental: 126 | dmoz: 1 | Bloglines: 2 | – | MSN Links: 0 | MSN .edu Links: 0 | MSN .gov Links: 0 | MSN Page Links: 0 | MSN .edu Page Links: 0 | Whois

    Must be the addon that sux big time, since i found your site (this actually post) from a Google search (after i did check with the addon that almost all my pages of the blog were supplemental).

  4. Old Welsh Guy

    Hi Astrit. I would never say something sucks let alone a Firefox addon 😀

    I have just run a site: search and I can see this post coming up as not supplemental

    The SI is a real pain in the arse though and there is no rhyme nor reason. This blog for example has some decent backlinks, is in DMOZ, has 100% unique content, yet big G decides posts should be supplemental . WHo knows what goes on in the eyes of Google eh.

  5. Hello WelshGuy,
    Yes i do notice that, another thing that i did notice about your blog is that your posts end to show as “duplicate” content (which is one of the reasons why a page would end in a supplemental results). For example, this same post is show on the main page (when it was posted), on the categories page and on the posts page, thats a whole lot of 3 pages the same article would show. After my first comment on your blog regarding the supplemental results i took a quick look on my blog (first time running wordpress) and did notice that the same post would appear in many different pages and founda hack that helps till a certain point to your pages not to show on supplemental results, you can find this hack to prevent duplicated content in my blog.

    Another important factor for the supplemental results page is also the lack of backlinks to those pages.

    I will remember to come back from time to time to your blog and see if you have by any case solved this problem 😉


  6. Old Welsh Guy

    Astrit, I already have Google blocked from spidering duplicate content on this blog via the HT access.

    As for popping back from time to time to see if I habe solved the problem, to be honest, I really don’t care if the entire blog goes supplimental LOL

    One point to note though. On the main page normally the post is truncated, also it is mixed with other posts, so that is not a duplicate page. On the Categories page, the same is also true, that it is truncated and mixed with other posts. Finally on its own page it IS complete, but often the comments add to it and water down any duplication. The problem comes when you post in multiple categories.

    As for a lack of backlinks to a page causing it to gi into the Si, I would say YES & NO, lack of PAGERANK will cause it to go SI, but the link can be an internal link carrying enough weight, it doesn’t have to be an external one.