New Directory Accepting Deep Links

WHY? Why do so many directories only allow the submission of your homepage? How can a site that covers multiple topics have the home page as its most relevant page for all of them? It cant. So we have launched a new deep-link only directory called submit your deep link most relevant pages to whatever categories you have and get the traffic you deserve.

YES this is blatant self promotion, but it is a resource that i believed was missing online. Currently it is free, but we will be charging in the future.

3 Responses to “New Directory Accepting Deep Links”

  1. This is a really good idea and its a nice looking site. What i want to know is, does Google like these kind of directories (it must if you’ve created one) and which other directories do you recommend?

  2. You are right. Very often its the inner pages that hold the most valuable information for a website. Due to people abusing the deeplink idea, general directory owners went on a lengthy campaign of only allowing 1 URL per site, that being the domain itself. However, its back in vogue again to allow deeplinks.

    I’m creating a new niche this update to include deeplink directories. I will include yours with the other deeplink directory that surfaced this week.

  3. Old Welsh Guy

    Russell If you want to see a list of sites I would recommend, then Dans list is superb

    I would recommend Skaffe, Wow, DMOZ (of course) but the single most important thing is to find niche sites, or directories that have a good niche structure. Links from these pages will futureproof your marketing with regard the search engines.