What is King Content or Links ?

This is the argument that many have been making for a few years now. But while all this debate has been going on, those who knew who the real king is sat, smiled, and got on with earning money. Those who knew and understood what it is all about just kept doing it, and watching the money roll in.

So if neither copy content nor links are king, then what IS? I will tell you what is king, it is….

Research! Plain and simple keyword research is king, it is the Angel Gabrielle and the heavenly cherubs all rolled into one. Keyword research, and understanding your target audience is king, you see you can have the King (Kong) of links, and have the Queen Zilla of content, but it makes no different if the phrase you rank for is not the money phrase. It is knowing and understanding the keyword research that makes the money.

Lots of people run off, carry out some KW research on Overture, and think. Yippee 25000 searches per day. OH yes, you WILL be mine. mwah mwah mwah

6 Responses to “What is King Content or Links ?”

  1. Heh, nice one.

    Actually, I think whatever you make a king, will ruin the site.

    Content is king? Then you get no links or keyword research or anything else.
    Links are kings? Then you dont write content or use research.
    Research is king? Then how much do you spend time on content and links?

    The thing is that the only thing you need is balance. Only if you work hard on keyword research, content and links and links, you are good to go.

  2. I disagree to a point Yuri.

    Many people dress up their content as a beautiful Queen to lure the ‘hard to woo’ King (i.e. links). The concept of link-baiting revolves exactly around that. You create useful content, then you make sure everyone knows about it (through newsletters, thoughtful posting on blogs/forums etc), and that in turn leads to links coming into the site.

    I do agree that there has to be a balance, however if you invest in building content predominantly, it can very often lead to much stronger natural links (often being more relevant and more permanent).

  3. Old Welsh Guy

    I think the statement I made has been lost. Until you have TOTALLY completed your market and keyword research, you can not begin to design a website.

    What will you write about?

    What is the anchor text, and what pages are you linking to and from?

    until your keywords are known, you don’t even know what your pagination is.

    Keyword research is the ABSOLUTE King of web marketing and SEO research, and anyone who thinks otherwise is losing money.