Well folks it sems like DMOZ has gone forever! A post on Rich Skrentas blog (founder of DMOZ) says

Apparently the machine holding dmoz in AOL ops crashed. Standard backups had been discontinued for some reason; during unsuccessful attempts to restore some of the lost data, ops blew away the rest of the existing data on the system.

So for the past 6 weeks, a few folks have been trying to patch the system back together again (reverse engineering from the latest RDF dump, I suppose). But 6 weeks is a very long outage. Add in the massive AOL layoffs last week, and it’s not clear if there’s even any left over there who cares. Even if some form of the ODP editing system is brought back, the likelihood of continued existence within AOL seems extremely doubtful.

dmoz doesn’t exactly operate on a model of transparency, to say the least, so they have been keeping the details of what happened private. Perhaps they’re concerned about an exodus of the remaining editors, or gleeful proclamations of death from the SEM industry. The remaining ODP editors will probably be mad at me for discussing this, but they get mad at me whenever I talk about the ODP….ironic! :-) Hey guys, it’s 2006, open up.

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6 Responses to “DMOZ is DEADMOZ”

  1. yes for sure.. this is ture ..dmoz is dead now..not any special updates…not new sites even good ones now i am hatin dmoz.

  2. Well, I would cry except that none of my sites ever made it into the index. I stopped submitting them since I thought it was already dead. Nothing like vain hope to send me running elsewhere.

    Perhaps it’s rebirth will include a new client charter and reorganization to make things a little bit more zippy dmoz way.

  3. Thanks for confirming what i’d been thinking for some time now.

    Glad to see it go to be honest…..

  4. In fact, DMOZ is not only open but some of the entries seem fairly fresh. Despite all the difficulties various people seem to have had in getting anyone at DMOZ to post their submissions, there are numerous listings that are fairly new. For instance, search DMOZ for MySpace and see how many individual MySpace groups and other pages are listed in various categories. It looks like DMOZ is like an old tree, where some fo the branches are very dead and others are sprouting leaves.

  5. Old Welsh Guy

    Yep, the greatest comeback since Lazarus 🙂

    As Oscar Wilde once said ” Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated”

    Funny how things change in internet time